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Founded over 63 years ago, on August 1st, 1941, The Associação Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos - ACBEU is located in Salvador, Bahia, the first capital of Brazil and a City that has long played a highly significant role in Brazilian history and culture. ACBEU is a not-for-profit, cultural and educational center which promotes a broad range of cultural enrichment programs and educational exchanges and teaches Portuguese and English as a foreign language.

The PAS (Public Affairs Section), responsible for overseas educational and cultural programs of the United States Government, has classified the center as being one of the outstanding cultural and educational institutions of its kind in Brazil.

Every semester, ACBEU's four campuses host approximately 7 thousand students and offer a variety of extra-curricular services:

  • Multimedia Center - equipped with computers running state-of-the-art educational software. In addition to these programs, students can also use word processing programs and have full lnternet access.

  • Multimedia Library - designed to provide students and users with materials that will help enrich their knowledge, with emphasis on learning the Portuguese language. The ML is subdivided into two sections: the library which holds a collection of videos, books, magazines, music CDs, newspapers, dictionaries, grammar books and lnternet access, and the SALC (Self-Access Learning Center) which offers materials for all levels of language proficiency.

  • The Vitória campus hosts the ACBEU's cultural facilities:

  • The ACBEU Theater offers some of the finest musical and theatrical performances available in the city. ACBEU is a major and active participant in the growth and renewal of Brazilian music and drama and is constantly lending its theater out to new and upcoming groups in all areas of the arts.

  • The ACBEU Art Gallery is considered one of the most prestigious cultural places in Salvador. It sponsors exhibits by well-known and emerging artists from Bahia, Brazil as well as from other countries.
  • Vitória
    Magalhães Neto
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