We are pleased to announce a call for presentations for the 58th ACBEU Seminar. We would like to invite professionals who are interested in presenting and sharing their knowledge and expertise at our seminar, either alone or with a co-presenter, to submit proposals no later than June 12th.

We expect presentations to be engaging, informative and inspiring. We also encourage that presentations favour interaction among participants and some time for questions at the end of the presentation.

Please, find below, information about the types of sessions and the procedures to submit your proposal.

1. Format of Presentation
  • Plenary (75 minutes)
    This is a presentation of topical interest based on focused research, professional experience, or projects carried out with a particular outcome in mind.

  • Workshop (90 minutes)
    A carefully structured, hands-on professional development activity. The leader helps participants solve a problem or develop a specific teaching or research technique. There is little lecturing by the leader(s). The emphasis is on the participant´s activity. Audiovisual aids are encouraged.

  • Poster Session (30 minutes)
    A poster session allows for informal discussion with participants during the time that a self-explanatory exhibit is presented on a poster; it includes a title, the name and institutional affiliation of the presenter(s), and a brief text with clearly labeled photos, drawings, graphs, or charts. Presenters must be available for discussion. The poster may present an experience, an on-going project, or a theory the presenter(s) wish to share

  • Demonstration (60 minutes)
    Rather than describing or discussing, a demonstration shows a technique or successful experience. Normally the presenter’s statement of the theory underlying the technique takes no more than five minutes. The rest of the time is used for showing, rather than telling.

  • Minicourse (2 to3 90-minute sessions)
    A brief course on a specific subject of study.

  • Meeting with Publishers (30 minutes)
    A publisher presentation is an opportunity for publishers to present recently released textbooks, spotlight an author, or discuss commercial materials

2. Important information
All those who submit presentation proposals will be notified via email whether their presentation(s) were accepted or declined by June 18th, 2019. Please use an email address you check regularly.


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